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In 1988 Oakland Truffière was established in Gisborne, New Zealand, by Alan Hall when 400 mixed oak and hazel trees (were planted in carefully selected land) supplied by noted mycologist (and brother), Dr Ian Hall. A strict management programme was established involving careful monitoring and irrigation to each tree to ensure the best possible chance for harvesting truffles.

Just five years later, Oakland Truffière became the first Truffière in the Southern Hemisphere to produce the Périgord black truffle and French counterparts on visiting the truffière declared “C'est la truffe du Périgord” (it’s the Périgord black truffle). Oakland Truffière’s reputation was cemented.

Commercial quantities of export quality Périgord black truffle have been harvested from the Truffière since 1997.

In 1997 the Truffière nursery was established and is now a major supplier of truffle-infected oak and hazel trees to the burgeoning NZ truffle industry.

Research is being continuously undertaken by Alan and Lynley to establish the best horticultural methods and this is reflected by the increasing yields and truffle weights produced in their Truffière.

Today, Oakland Truffière remains the premier Truffière in New Zealand and enjoys an international reputation for its quality truffles.






Oakland Truffière’s vision is to produce the highest quality, true-to-type Périgord truffle and in turn, to use this material to produce seedling trees of a superior standard with verified root infections.

Alan and Lynley strive to provide the best assistance to those thinking of joining, or who are already in the truffle industry. To this end they offer a full consultancy service and use the latest technologies (eg DNA typing) and expertise.  This is to ensure that the best planting material is planted in the best conditions for the highest chance of producing Périgord truffle.