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Our Services

As truffle industry leaders, Oakland Truffière is able to offer the following services to those who wish to join the truffle industry.


As an established, producing truffiere Oakland Truffiere has a wealth of experience in what is required for the best chance of a successful truffiere. Being able to make an informed decision on whether establishing a Truffière is the best use of land and resources is a sound financial decision.
Services range from soil and location assessment to advice on planting and maintaining a Truffière.
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Seedlings grown in Oakland Truffière’s nursery are raised from seed collected from the truffle producing Truffière. These seedlings are then infected with Tuber melanosporum harvested from the truffle produced by the Truffière. These seedlings are then tested using the latest DNA detection techniques from Linnaeus laboratory to ensure that the seedling is in fact infected with the required genetic material.

Trees infectd with Tuber melanosporum  and that are available for order from our nursery are:
Quercus robur (English Oak) - $45 plus GST
Corylus avellana (Hazelnut) - $45 plus GST
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